26 May 2013

Calypso Boutique Mixset 05 - Diskötek "Wedding in Bronx"

Wedding in Bronx set incl. Motor City Drum Ensemble, Ejeca, Huxley, Medlar, Daniel Dexter, Romanthony, LEFTWING, KODY, Maxxi Soundsystem & Eats everything, Jovonn, Sable Sheep, Two Charming Man, The Mekanizm, Marc Romboy & KINK!

Rest in Peace Anthony "Romanthony" Moore.

Wedding in Bronx

Calypso Boutique Music
New mix set & new event. We'll be celebrating "Wedding in Bronx". 

For our private roof top party and for more info please contact us through Facebooksoundcloud pages or via email.